The Art of Humberto Cunha
The art of
Humberto Cunha

Power to the Sheeple

This is work done for a comic called “Power to the Sheeple” published by¬†Paranoid American.


Finally I’ve manage to come up with a design that pleases me with this old character of […]

The Bat

Just playing with shape and color, while having fun in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro!

Baby Monster

This was my second assignment at the schoolism in-house Workshop. A baby monster!

Assassin’s Creed Quilombo

This was a piece for an Assassin’s creed contest, the theme was “Assassin’s creed in Brazil”. My […]

League of Legends Fizz

Here is a fan art of character Fizz from the game League of Legends! Scroll for process!


I did this piece for the street fighter collab br, each artist would choose a character to […]

Nosferatu Zodd

So, I’ve been re-reading through all my collection of the Berserk manga because I’ve forgotten most of […]

The orc

So, I’ve never done any orc or medieval fantasy themes before, so I tought it was time […]

Candy Girl

This piece was my final assignment at the in-house schoolism workshop.

Who’s ready for some adventures?

This guy here is!

Judge Anderson

Judge Anderson, from Judge Dredd Comics. I’ve always liked the design for their uniform, so I decided […]

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Humberto’s biggest passion and dream in life has always been drawing.
Since his childhood Humberto never stopped!

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Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence and Determination.