The Art of Humberto Cunha
The art of
Humberto Cunha

Character Design sketches for Time Samplers

This is work done for a comic called “Time Samplers” published by Paranoid American.


This is a illustration that I’ve made for the Todd Mcfarlane lucky 13 contest! I didn’t make […]

Dat Art

This is me as a meme!

God’s wrath

A concept of moses as the god’s wrath descend upon Egypt.


This Piece was for the 135 Brazilian Pokédex Project, each artist would choose a pokemon to represent […]

Warrior girl Wip

This is a Work in progress

Power to the Sheeple

This is work done for a comic called “Power to the Sheeple” published by Paranoid American.

Baseball Girl

For this character, I wanted to give her some attitude, Tha’t why I chose to depict her […]


Finally I’ve manage to come up with a design that pleases me with this old character of […]

League of Legends Fizz

Here is a fan art of character Fizz from the game League of Legends! Scroll for process!

Bike Girl

This piece was an assignment for the Tim Mcburnie’s Drawing for comics workshop.

Baby Monster

This was my second assignment at the schoolism in-house Workshop. A baby monster!

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Humberto’s biggest passion and dream in life has always been drawing.
Since his childhood Humberto never stopped!

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Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence and Determination.